Analytics & Compliance

Unified Analytics

IdRamp provides executive dashboard reporting across all applications and connections. This allows organizations to achieve maximum transparency over licensing cost and user behaviour. Detailed analytics can be recorded for all user attributes. The amount of data captured can be configured according to data protection requirements. IdRamp analytics can be exported into business intelligence platforms to aid strategic planning and oversight.

Automated Consent Management

With IdRamp, dynamic consents can be deployed across any application or service.  Fine-grained policy controls allow organizations to regulate user consent.  Unique policies can be automatically deployed for different users within the same application. This allows merging organizations to maintain segregated policies without limiting collaboration. Automed consent management provides unprecedented flexibility to address even the most complex sharing requirements.

GDPR and Compliance Reporting

IdRamp automated consents and executive analytics helps organizations simplify compliance reporting. With Idramp, organizations can quickly address complex regulations like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The pace of change in compliance reporting can be difficult to follow and expensive to audit. IdRamp reduces these challenges so organizations can focus on  business goals.



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