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Authenticate by FIDO – Decentralized Identity Orchestration

This month, IdRamp participated in a session for the Authenticate 2022 conference . The yearly event offers three days of education on the who, what, why and how of user authentication — with a focus on the FIDO standards-based approach. CISOs, security strategists, enterprise architects, and product and business leaders come together to get all the education, tools and best practices to roll out modern authentication across the web, enterprise and government applications. Authenticate is the only conference dedicated to user authentication, helping attendees learn how they can leverage new technologies to enable simpler and stronger authentication within their organizations and increase their overall security posture.

Authenticate offers educational sessions presented by leading industry speakers, including detailed case studies, technical tutorials and expert panels — all helping educate attendees on business drivers, technical considerations and overall best practices for deploying modern authentication systems.

IdRamp CEO, Mike Vesey spoke about a critical security issue and one of the most exciting concepts emerging out of the world of FIDO adoption — Decentralized Identity.

Together with Heather Dahl, CEO of Indicio and Chase Cunningham, Chief Strategy Officer for Ericom the session, titled:  “A Masterclass in Decentralized Identity Networks, verifiable credentials, and zero trust ID orchestration: Learn how to establish trust through online verification and distributed authentication.” dove deep into the implementation of Zero Trust architecture model for identity using verifiable credentials and decentralized networks to expedite delivery and adoption of FIDO authentication.

This session provided a roadmap on how to strengthen security models with Zero Trust identity orchestration and how to use these new emerging technologies to harden existing security protocols while creating a smoother user experience and protecting privacy. 

“The big takeaway for the Authenticate audience is that there is a more nimble way to deploy FIDO across a service or enterprise.” said Mike Vesey, “When you deploy FIDO with verifiable credentials, you eliminate usernames and passwords and create the ability to deploy a range of innovative technologies to customers with greater speed, in a privacy-preserving manner. This makes it easy to employ secure reusable identity throughout a composable enterprise system.”

Decentralized identifiers (DIDs) have become an increasingly popular technology, recently recommended by the W3C as a web standard, allowing a controller to verify ownership of a DID using cryptography enabling an individual, an organization, an online community, a government, an IoT device to engage in more trustworthy transactions online. Using DIDs contained in verifiable credentials, this technology can be used to eliminate bad actors, reduce fraud and strengthen the end-user experience by removing the complexity of usernames and passwords.

IdRamp delivers robust decentralized identity tools and services to governments and enterprises with a zero trust approach. The IdRamp identity orchestration platform transforms an organization’s technology by bridging legacy Identity and Access Management technology with flexible and easy to use distributed ledger technology built on interoperable, open source technology.

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