Accelerate Service Delivery

With Portable Trust Ecosystems

Make your Identity Sytem Work for you, not the other way around

Manage Credentials

  • Deploy credentials to existing systems and services
  • Issue credentials from any data source
  • Add credential verification to any service

Bring Your Own Identity

  • Combine multiple identity sources, translate any protocols
  • Manage trust ecosystems
  • Eliminate lift and shift upgrades

Stop Using Passwords

  • Improve user experience and security 
  • Decouple authentication from Identity Providers
  • Future proof authentication

The Identity Fabric for Digital Business

As your company grows, IdRamp adapts to your changing needs.

IdRamp partners with the Lifelong Learner Project to win the ACE Blockchain Innovation Challenge

The goal of Phase 1 is for The Lifelong Learner Project to deliver a blockchain-based digital wallet solution to educators where they can securely receive, store and publish the verifiable credentials necessary to support teacher licensure applications and evidence of professional learning.

The Digital Identity Transformation – Podcast

One World Identity State of Identity host Cameron D’Ambrosi sits down with Mike Vesey, CEO of IdRamp. As someone who has uniquely spent their full career immersed in enterprise identity, Vesey shares an insider perspective of how the industry has evolved during his tenure.

IdRamp shows Iowa Senator Joni Ernst new ways to verify digital information

Ernst said she was excited to learn that information can be available digitally without having it stored on Google or with another large tech company.

IdRamp and QiqoChat Announce Verifiable Credentials for Online Collaboration

IdRamp and QiqoChat have launched the world’s first implementation of verifiable personal identity credentials for virtual conferences and collaboration.

IdRamp Offers Market-Ready Decentralized Identity Platform on the Indicio Network

Decentralized identity provider announces best-in-class dependability on the newest distributed network purpose-built for decentralized identity and the exchange of verifiable claims.

Digital Identity and Continuous Innovation

Decentralized identity (DID) and self-sovereign identity (SSI) has been perceived as a nirvana of identity by some analysts, and an overhyped trend by others.

World’s first Verifiable Credential Service Delivery Platform – Video

 Demonstration of IdRamp, the World's first Verifiable Credential Service Delivery platform for enterprise and SAAS services. Presented at the KNOW One World Identity Investor Forum on August 25th, 2020.  With IdRamp business organizations can easily add verifiable...

Nonconformist Innovation Podcast – Managing Decentralized Identity with Mike Vesey

On this episode of the podcast Steve talks with Mike Vesey, Founder and President of IdRamp about his entrepreneurial journey to launching a company focused on easing integration and management challenges of next-gen decentralized identity, and how decentralized...

Video – Learn how to issue Verifiable Digital Credentials

  Learn how to issue verifiable digital credentials from your identity management service or any data source. This process can be scaled to issue bulk credentials for millions of users with ease. This capability can be used with leading identity providers like...

Hyperledger Aries Passport Identity Wallet

The IdRamp Passport identity wallet and credential management service is built on the open source Hyperledger Aries Framework.  This article provides an introduction to the Aries Framework provided by the Hyperledger Foundation, and a list of resources to learn more...

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