Decentralized Authentication

Simple Integration with Cloud Applications

IdRamp empowers organizations with a simple, rapid deployment service for all Cloud applications. With IdRamp, organizations can replace complex disconnected integrations with a user friendly application catalogue that can be updated on demand. IdRamp reduces IT integration backlog and allows the business to add or remove applications automatically at any time.

Seamless Access to Internal Applications

IdRamp provides a unified access experience for external cloud applications as well as custom internal applications located within the company network. IdRamp’s flexible APIs that can extend integration to any type of application or service in any location. A unified access experience improves business productivity and security oversight.

Automated Application Management

IdRamp provides centralized administration, analytics, and policy control over all applications. Applications can be restricted by users, groups, location, or business function. Administration can be deployed beyond the IT department empowering business teams with self service operation.

Tailored Adoption

IdRamp’s felixbile application integration model is compatible with leading Identity and Security platforms. Organizations can adopt IdRamp without disrupting existing investments or re-platforming existing applications.