Elevate MS Entra Password Recovery with CLEAR Identity Verification


 IdRamp has partnered with Microsoft and CLEAR to bring Identity Verification (IDV) to Entra ID account recovery. Traditional password recovery processes are fraught with risks that frustrate users and entice hackers to breach your organization. Adding CLEAR identity verification to the password recovery process eliminates leading vulnerabilities through a frictionless identity proofing experience that will delight users and reduce support costs.


Simple and Secure

Entra account recovery with CLEAR

Password Recovery Risks:

Account takeover: If the password recovery process is compromised, it can lead to account takeover, where an attacker gains full control over the user account and access to sensitive data.

Phishing: Password recovery processes are often targeted by phishing attacks, where users are tricked into revealing their credentials or personal information to malicious parties posing as legitimate service providers.

Brand Trust: If a password recovery system is compromised, it can severely damage the reputation of the organization, eroding customer confidence in the brand.

Support: Traditional recovery methods require extensive support resources and cause user disruption.


CLEAR IDV Recovery Benefits:

Account lockdown: Passwords alone can be guessed, stolen, or shared. CLEAR IDV adds an extra layer of protection that makes it much harder for attackers to obtain unauthorized access.

Phishing Resistant: With CLEAR IDV in place, even if attackers obtain valid login credentials, they cannot successfully complete the password recovery process.

Reusable: CLEAR IDV can easily be added to any authentication or business process flow. This means users can verify once and and use IDV credentials everywhere.

Automated: Reduce support costs and user frustration with automated CLEAR IDV account recovery.

Account Recovery Verification for Entra ID is powered by the CLEAR network of over 22mm+ previously verified users. Contact IdRamp to Elevate your MS Entra Password Recovery experience today.

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