Eliminate Identity Management Capacity Failure with DeAuthz


Break the Bottleneck with Decentralized Authorization

Sizing identity management systems for high performance is complicated and expensive. One high volume event can cause the system and related infrastructure to fail. If your system goes from a few hundred concurrent users to tens of thousands in just a few minutes, you need a lot of expensive resources and processing power to cover the load. The key pain point is sending all that traffic through one system. This causes a bottleneck making your identity system a single point of failure. Decentralized authorization breaks that bottleneck while reducing cost, and reputational risk with Zero Trust protection.

What is Decentralized Authorization?

Decentralized authorization distributes the authentication process by giving users a pre-authorized digital credential for secure login. This eliminates the need to have all concurrent traffic pass through the identity system for one high-capacity event. Decentralized authorization is a lot less expensive than scaling systems and operations and it works with your existing identity management system. No need to re-platform or upgrade.

How does it work?

Decentralized Authorization is powered by Microsoft Entra Verified ID or any other distributed identity network. It easily plugs into your existing identity management system giving it the power to issue secure decentralized credentials for any application or event in your ecosystem. Users store the credential on their mobile device for on demand access. Users go directly to the application because they are pre-authorized with a verified identity credential. This eliminates the need to size your identity system for high-capacity events.

Verifiable Identity

Benefits of Decentralized Authorization

  • Eliminate the identity system as a central point of failure
  • Reduce the cost of managing of high-capacity events
  • Plug and play into existing systems
  • State-of-the-art encryption for Zero Trust protection
  • Private and secure by design

How do I start?

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