Accelerate Integration

Connect, manage, and measure all applications from one business friendly interface.


Amplify Security

Provide the least access required without exposing data or the network to partners.


Simplify Compliance

Design automatic terms, conditions and consents. Track acceptance and usage across all applications.

Increase Trust

Self service integration will increase your chain of trust across new business boundaries.

Accelerate Integration

IdRamp extends trust across multiple organizations. This improves application and information sharing because each organization maintains control of when and how they want to share.

  • Plug and play application integration across multiple identity providers (IDPs)
  • Automate application deployment with self-service integration
  • Rapid on/off-boarding of third-parties without exposing them to your network
  • Maximize collaboration with combined social, enterprise, and partner communities
  • Tailor the access experience across, customers, staff, and partners
  • Eliminate the need for federated provisioning

Amplify Security

The IdRamp decentralized identity model limits the ability of hackers to gain access to sensitive information. This is an improvement over centralized models that increase probability of a successful hacks. Provide the least access required without exposing the network to partners or third parties.

  • Optimize security with decentralized dynamic Identity Attribute Based Access Control (IDABAC)
  • Increase flexibility with adaptive access policy orchestration
  • Reduce vulnerabilities connecting multiple SAAS providers and multiple IDPs
  • Remove the risk of storing/sharing user data with stateless Identity policies
  • Minimize exposure with data obfuscation over any attribute
  • Step up trust with any number of factors
  • One integration to bridge all connections, reduce fraud, and protect sensitive data

Simplify Compliance, and Service Management

Regulatory uncertainty and operation costs are increasing with application diversity. The need to measure and govern applications is becoming more complicated. Transform your application strategy with centralized operations, analytics and consent management across services and applications.

  • Intelligent analytics to optimize licensing, compliance monitoring and experience design
  • Configure application policies from one central dashboard for all connections
  • Rapid deployment and cessation of applications and connections
  • Compatible with legacy and future infrastructure including all IDP, and Cloud platforms
  • Reduce the cost of service management, integration, and compliance reporting with centralized administration

Increase Trust

IdRamp expands collaboration across new boundaries where privacy and regulatory complexities usually constrain sharing. Privacy is optimized because all data is decentralized and not propagated on central repositories.

  • Dynamic terms and conditions (T&Cs) for any connection, user or thing
  • Centralized, fine-grained policy control over all T&Cs for complex privacy requirements
  • Regulate access based on user consent, application, and service policies
  • Restrict applications from accessing specific attributes
  • Self-service policy controls to accelerate business collaboration
  • Full control and oversight of who has access to your data and applications

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