Identity Innovation – Prepare for a more decentralized, Web 3.0 future today

Innovate your digital identity strategy with IdRamp. Prepare your web 2.0 systems to successfully manage web 3.0. Explore blockchain identity, password elimination, verifiable credentials, self-sovereign identity, decentralized ecosystems, biometrics, proofing and other zero trust solutions with the IdRamp orchestration platform. No investment required to start your innovation project today.

Build working proof of concepts and new ecosystems with ease

The IdRamp innovation program provides a no code solution to safely explore new identity technologies and orchestrate existing systems to amplify value and discover strategic opportunity. Our decentralized orchestration platform is easy to use and the ideal solution for your innovation research. There is no charge to build working prototypes and live proof-of-concept projects. Just register and start building today. Ideal for enterprise innovation teams or research and development programs working on digital transformation. Solutions include:

  • Decentralized Identity
  • Verifiable Credentials
  • Passwordless Authentication
  • Biometrics and KYC proofing
  • Spacial Web
  • Digital Wallet
  • Blockchain Identity
  • Metaverse Web 3.0
  • Ecosystem Orchestration
  • Bring Your Own Identity

Begin your digital identity transformation now!

Orchestrate your systems today

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