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Identity Orchestration Takes Center Stage at RSA Conference 2023

The 32nd gathering of the RSA Conference, one of the largest cybersecurity conferences in the world, took place April 24-27 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The annual event brings together experts and thought leaders from across the industry to discuss the latest trends, threats, and technologies in digital security. Hundreds of sessions and presentations took place over the three days covering a range of topics from advanced threats, to fraud prevention, cloud security, DevSecOps, AI and more.

Mike Vesey, CEO of IdRamp, was selected to speak on a panel titled, “Verifiable Credentials and the Future of Enterprise Security” discussing how to simply and effectively, orchestrate identity using verifiable credentials to implement Zero Trust identity architecture. In a crowd of developers and cybersecurity teams, CISOs and CIOs, Mike’s message of implementing a cost-effective approach to integration and maximizing efficiency was incredibly important.

Mike started his discussion describing identity orchestration and how managing and controlling user identities across multiple cloud environments is an easy way to unify existing, often disparate, systems. He went on to describe how orchestration is the simplest way to bring on new innovations, services, or applications and prepare for the future.

“Identity orchestration creates a secure and flexible integration fabric that enables organizations to seamlessly connect and manage digital assets across disparate multi-cloud environments.” said Vesey, “Through this fabric framework businesses can swiftly adapt to changes in the market and integrate new capabilities as needed. With identity orchestration, you can reduce the complexities and inefficiencies that come with managing digital identity across many silos.”

Mike cited Gartner Research saying “Disparate identities are causing technical debt and identity-related breaches, as IT leaders struggle to address sprawl,” and, “60% of organizations have over 21 disparate identities per user.” Mike drove home the point that identity orchestration is the simple and lightweight solution to solve security vulnerabilities, agility, and infrastructure debt.

The other speakers on the RSA panel with Mike were Chase Cunningham, one of the prominent voices of Zero Trust, and Heather Dahl, CEO of Indicio and proponent of verifiable credentials in enterprise settings. The three speakers spoke in depth about how identity orchestration and verifiable credentials create an environment where Zero Trust security is the default. These technologies make storing and sharing personal information an efficient, secure, and trustworthy experience.

If you are interested in identity orchestration, Zero Trust, or verifiable credentials, please reach out to IdRamp to request a demo of the new IdRamp Verified ID Orchestration service.


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