IdRamp: Accelerating Innovation for the Nation at Defense TechConnect

September 27-29, 2022, Washington D.C.,  

IdRamp, market leader in providing rapid deployment of Zero Trust authentication and access control with their no-code platform, is happy to announce their participation at the 2022 Defense TechConnect (DTC) Summit. DTC brings together defense, private industry, federal agency, and academic leadership to accelerate state-of-the-art technology solutions for the military and national security. This year’s key focus areas include energy, climate, cyber, biodefense, space, advanced manufacturing, and 5G.

Mike Vesey, CEO of IdRamp will speak at the event in a presentation titled Zero Trust Authentication – Blockchain government ID with PKI Orchestration. Mike will describe how the military and private secretary organizations can lower barriers to adoption of the mandatory zero trust federal security strategy with easy to deploy identity orchestration. 

IdRamp enables identity orchestration that creates zero trust verification within existing systems, services, and ecosystems and provides continuous verification of a myriad of identity and access control platforms, including cloud based services. Identity orchestration eliminates passwords and reduces the attack surface by integrating diverse PKI credentials across public and private ecosystems. Government agencies can deploy this type of no-code system to achieve zero trust in weeks, instead of months or years. 

The DTC supports innovation imperatives in the National Defense Strategy (NDS) and is a unique platform to reach thousands of public and private leaders focused on innovation and technology to support the warfighter. 

IdRamp delivers robust identity orchestration tools and services to governments and enterprises with a zero trust approach. The IdRamp orchestration platform transforms an organization’s technology by bridging legacy Identity and Access Management technology with flexible and easy to use distributed ledger technology, built on open source.

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