IdRamp AGiD selected by the ISU Startup Factory

IdRamp AGiD has been selected to be a part of the award-winning Iowa State University Startup Factory program. Startups accepted into the program receive formal resources and access to a network of mentors, advisors and investors. The program is divided into two 26-week blocks: the first a formal curriculum centered on business validation, and the second, customized to their individual business needs.

The Startup Factory is an important part of an ecosystem we are developing specifically to support entrepreneurs at Iowa State,” Interim Vice President for Economic Development and Business Engagement David Spalding said in the announcement.  “At Iowa State, our focus for economic development is on the entire state, and we are proud of the tremendous impacts we have on the state economy.”

Since the program’s inaugural cohort in June 2016, more than 90 companies have been accepted into the program, 77 of which are still in business. 9 of those companies have reached a $1 million valuation. “Since we started the program, our companies have attracted more than $20 million in venture financing including nine SBIR Phase 1 Awards, four SBIR Phase 2 Awards, 14 fundings from the State venture funding programs, 15 angel financing rounds and six institutional funding rounds,” Spalding said.

About IdRamp AGiD

AGID is a blockchain based agriculture, farming, and livestock identity management platform. AGID automates product traceability, quality assurance, and distribution across diverse market channels. Platform security is based on immutable blockchain records to prevent fraud, increase trust, and enable rapid response to supply chain breaches. AGID provides Interoperability with other ledger based consortiums like Food Trust and OSA DC.


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