IdRamp and inWebo partner for secure decentralized Identity and Access Management.

San Francisco and Des Moines, October 14th, 2019
IdRamp and inWebo are pleased to announce the release of a certified integration between IdRamp decentralized Identity Management platform and inWebo MFA (multi-factor authentication) platform. This integration makes it possible for organizations to orc
hestrate advanced security and authentication policies for access to their applications.

IdRamp combines SSO capabilities with the possibility to leverage multiple IdPs (Identity Providers) such as AAD, Google, Salesforce, IDaaS providers, Self-sovereign and social logins, thus helping organizations navigate the complexity of modern and heterogeneous information systems. Furthermore, the integration with inWebo allows organizations to add and control in a single place customized MFA policies across applications and IdPs, with no additional integration. This gives organizations an unprecedented agility for implementing secure access. Organizations can now deploy new secure applications across heterogeneous, legacy, or segmented directories, without having to manage highly complex directory integration projects.

inWebo provides a superior approach to multi-factor authentication security and user experience.” said Mike Vesey, IdRamp CEO. “The IdRamp inWebo integration is a powerful solution that is easy to deploy into any identity security strategy. Our partnership with inWebo offers significant value and flexibility for businesses that need best in class multi-factor authentication and simplified identity orchestration.”

“Strong Authentication (MFA) has become a critical part in modern Identity & Access Management projects,” said Didier Perrot, CEO for inWebo North America. “We’re excited to partner with IdRamp, as their integration of our MFA platform can now be used by organizations with no additional code. It allows them to reduce the time and costs needed to protect their applications, while making that additional security go unnoticed by their users.”

About IdRamp: IdRamp is a decentralized identity service to simplify integration, improve security and continuously innovate your business. With IdRamp you can easily integrate and orchestrate multiple identity silos. Tailor authentication and access control policies according to your business strategy. Add decentralized self-sovereign identity to any business strategy. Through distributed authentication, IdRamp secures the identity threat surface by eliminating the need for public network-facing identity and access management systems. IdRamp provides adaptable digital bridges that interoperate across all generations of identity management.

About inWebo: inWebo is a leading vendor of B2B solutions for multi-factor authentication (MFA) and local access (IWLA). inWebo makes customer, member, and employee access to VPN, IAM, web, Cloud, and IoT applications & devices more secure, but also easier. Our technology seamlessly adds a layer of security during authorization by turning user devices including laptops, cell and smartphones, or tablets into trusted authentication methods. It uniquely combines certified hardware-grade security with extreme ease of use. inWebo protects millions of identities for global organizations. Visit us at

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