IdRamp Blockchain Identity at Consumer Identity World 2019

IdRamp CEO, Mike Vesey,  will present  “Self-Sovereign Identity, the Enterprise and Beyond” at 2:30 pm PDT on Thursday, September 26th at Consumer Identity World 2019.  This presentation will focus on how blockchain decentralized identity management is transforming identity management. Decentralized identity provides simple integration, improved security, and a framework to continuously innovate your business.  Self-Sovereign Identity reduces data liability and the cost of existing identity systems. Through distributed authentication, decentralized identity secures the threat surface by eliminating the need for public network-facing identity and access management systems.  Please join us at Consumer Identity World 2019 to learn more about these exciting developments.

About Consumer Identity World

Customer Experience (CX) is the central starting point when it comes to the strategic definition of your CIAM. Managing millions of identities and handling several millions of interactions per day is a technical challenge that changes every day. However, ease of use, efficiency, and joy of use by the customer are indispensable prerequisites. At the same time, it is mandatory that every consumer can have controlled access to his personal data.

Managing customer information in a digitally changing economy with many business partners in need of access is one of today’s biggest challenges and will continue to evolve rapidly. Understanding the wishes and requirements of customers and mapping them successfully in CIAM processes is the key to successful online business. Customers have a constantly growing selection of online service providers, your CIAM is one of the decisive points with which you can drive your customers to choose your business and achieve a lasting customer loyalty for your company.

Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) is many things. For some, it’s all about streamlining the user experience through technologies and practices that make it easier for them to securely log in. For others, IAM is all about identity lifecycle management – ensuring that accounts are set up, modified, and deleted in a timely, accurate, and secure manner. And for still others, it focuses on security and compliance through technologies and practices that make governance activities such as attestations easy and complete or adding a layer of control and visibility to privileged accounts and “superuser” access. Facing reality CIAM is all of this, and even more.

At the Consumer Identity World, you learn how to balance the user experience, privacy, and security of your connected customer and how to enhance the customers’ journey by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to provide a superior and customized experience.

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