IdRamp Joins Linux Foundation Public Health Cardea Project Steering Committee

IdRamp, a leading decentralized identity platform provider for business that need passwordless zero trust security, announced today that it has joined the steering committee for Cardea, a project within Linux Foundation Public Health. Cardea is an open-source ecosystem for verifiable health credentials that can be used by public health authorities, governments, and industries to manage COVID-19 testing, vaccination, and other health data. It provides a tamper-proof way for people to prove they have had a health test or vaccination without having to share personal information.

IdRamp brings deep experience establishing zero trust identity for diverse ecosystems that will help grow the Cardea project. IdRamp is also committed to helping Cardea implement the goals in the recently announced Global COVID Certificate Network (GCCN). GCCN, is a project working to establish a global trust registry that enables interoperable exchanges of COVID certificates among countries for safe reopening. Cardea is one of the first projects providing the required technologies for GCCN and meets the technical recommendations as outlined in the Interoperability Blueprint of the Good Health Pass Collaborative (GHPC). GHPC is an industry coalition that has defined principles and standards for COVID certificates of which IdRamp is also a founding member. 

“The Cardea and GCCN projects are both excellent examples of breakthrough innovations that can take shape when companies and projects come together to solve real-world problems, using open source tools available to everyone,” said Mike Vesey, CEO of IdRamp. “We’re excited to offer our experience in the creation of passwordless zero trust ecosystems that will bring diverse ideas and skills into the Cardea community.”

IdRamp will provide strategic leadership for Cardea and will also help the project’s goal of growing decentralized identity adoption. With deep roots in the open source community, IdRamp is also a founding member of the Trust over IP Foundation, member of the Good Health Pass Collaborative, a Steward of the Sovrin Foundation, and a node operator on the Indicio Network.

About IdRamp
IdRamp provides a secure passwordless integration platform using zero trust decentralized identity technologies that work with existing identity systems. Future-proof your security model with our flexible credential management and analytics platform. IdRamp simplifies service delivery by turning digital identity into a business asset. Combine decentralized verifiable credentials with the convenience of a digital wallet. Built on open standards, IdRamp is interoperable with thousands of existing enterprise applications making secure, passwordless login easy for everyone.

About Cardea
Cardea is a complete ecosystem for the exchange of privacy-preserving digital credentials, open sourced as a project in Linux Foundation Public Health. Launched by Indicio.Tech, Cardea provides an easily verifiable, trustworthy, unalterable proof of health tests or vaccination that can be shared in a privacy-preserving way. Cardea recently announced its first reference implementation in partnership with SITA for the Aruba government. 


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