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IdRamp Announces Passwordless Credential Orchestration Manager is Now Available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

DES MOINES, Iowa, November 24, 2021 – IdRamp, a leading provider of Zero Trust identity orchestration services, today announced their new Passwordless Credential Orchestration Manager (PCO) service is now available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. This new service offers password elimination, identity proofing, and orchestration capabilities for any Oracle ecosystem. It operates with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and applications using Oracle blockchain. The Oracle Cloud Marketplace provides a broad range of partner solutions for accelerating and optimizing cloud and hybrid deployments. Oracle customers can easily secure their applications using zero-trust passwordless identity orchestration from PCO.

IdRamp PCO uses verifiable credential cryptography to remove the need for usernames and passwords that are prone to identity theft. It simplifies delivery of services by providing unified trust policies and rapid deployment of applications across disparate systems. Oracle customers can create verifiable digital credentials using PCO using Oracle Identity Cloud or any other OCI data source. PCO is a Zero Trust identity fabric that is easy to connect with all OCI applications and third-party services. PCO allows OCI assets to be more portable, stronger, and easier to access.

The Passwordless Credential Orchestration Manager is an ideal solution for Oracle customers wanting a simpler, safer, and more efficient way to access the breadth of applications and services offered by Oracle and Oracle Cloud Marketplace. “It frees them from password vulnerabilities, big-bang migrations, and being tied to a single provider,” said Mike Vesey, CEO of IdRamp. “Oracle customers use anywhere from a few to hundreds of applications, each offering unique business solutions. Now they can deploy these vital services with cutting-edge Zero Trust security and unprecedented flexibility that moves at business speed.”

The Oracle Cloud Marketplace is a one-stop shop for Oracle customers seeking trusted business partners that offer unique business solutions to extend Oracle Cloud Applications. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a next-generation enterprise cloud that delivers next-generation security across a comprehensive portfolio of services and applications.

The IdRamp Passwordless Credential Orchestration Manager is also available as a stand-alone product that works with any leading platform or diverse cloud environment. The PCO system architecture and design stem from decades of experience in enterprise identity, security, and service delivery. IdRamp is a pioneer in using verifiable credentials for decentralized Zero Trust in the enterprise. With deep roots in the open-source community, IdRamp is also a founding member of the Trust over IP Foundation, member of the Linux Foundation Cardea steering committee, member of the Good Health Pass Collaborative, a Steward of the Sovrin Foundation, and a node operator on the Indicio Network.

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