IdRamp: Your Gateway to CLEAR Identity Verification

In today’s complex cybersecurity landscape, robust identity verification and secure authentication are essential for safeguarding sensitive data and protecting your organization from evolving threats. CLEAR, a pioneer in frictionless identity verification, empowers businesses with a comprehensive solution to increase security, prevent fraud, and improve user engagement.

Now, through a partnership with IdRamp, a leader in identity orchestration, businesses can effortlessly integrate CLEAR Identity Verification with existing systems without disrupting current workflows.

IdRamp with CLEAR reduces risk while increasing security. Simplifying existing complex identity verification processes produces measurable cost savings and usability improvements.

Verification Options

Verify name and phone number across device carriers and other sources.

Confirm authenticity of thousands of document formats, such as driver’s licenses and domestic and international passports. CLEAR matches facial biometrics to the picture on the I.D. and uses liveness detection to reduce identity spoofing.

Verify the user’s identity and qualifications across a number of credentials, such as military or employment status.

Enhance protection with supplementary database checks, such as AAMVA, for biographical details, like address verification.

Support NIST 800-63-3 Identity Assurance Level 2 for partners that require the highest level of fidelity; verify once and establish your NIST-compliant enrollment.

Benefits of IdRamp with CLEAR Identity Verification

Cost Reduction

Decrease costs across many existing processes such as onboarding, account recovery, privileged access and more with a single code free integration.

Simple Zero Code Deployment

Seamlessly integrate and tailor CLEAR Identity Verification without the need for code development and administration.

Improved User Experience

Streamline user onboarding and authentication processes with a frictionless trustworthy experience that your customers will love.


Enhanced Security

Verify identities in real-time to reduce the risk of fraudulent activity. Protect sensitive data and systems with high-fidelity security.

Empower Your Organization: IdRamp with CLEAR Identity Verification

IdRamp with CLEAR will verify the authenticity of your users with unmatched accuracy and simplicity. This comprehensive service will empower your organization with:

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – fortify authentication security with non-transferable biometric access control to support Zero Trust and cyber insurance compliance.

Passwordless Authentication – eliminate the vulnerabilities associated with passwords while providing a seamless and convenient login experience.

Optimize onboarding and account management – automate manual tasks like account creation and eliminate high resource processes like password administration.

Protect Your Business Across Industries

CLEAR Identity Verification is applicable across a wide range of use cases, including:

Financial Services – deploy KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance by verifying customer identities, ensuring accurate customer information, and preventing financial fraud.

Healthcare – safeguard patient data and privacy by ensuring that only authorized individuals can access sensitive medical records. Enhance patient safety by accurately identifying patients, facilitating seamless information sharing, and ensuring continuity of care across healthcare providers.

Public Sector – promote citizen trust and engagement with government agencies by enabling secure online services, streamlining application and credentialing processes, while safeguarding personal information.

Workforce Identity – ensure that only authorized individuals can access company resources, protecting sensitive information and safeguarding against unauthorized access, fraud, and data breaches.

Customer Identity – validate customer identities, prevent account takeovers, financial scams, and identity theft. Foster trust, enhance brand reputation, and enable seamless customer experiences.

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Experience the Power of Frictionless Identity Verification

IdRamp with CLEAR Identity Verification ensures a swift and safe verification experience, allowing individuals to effortlessly prove their identity without unnecessary obstacles. Frictionless identity verification enhances convenience and prioritizes security, offering a dynamic solution that adapts to the fast-paced demands of our interconnected world. Step into a realm where authentication becomes a user-centric experience, unlocking a new era of accessibility and trust.

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