Instant Onboarding with Automated Identity Verification

Manual onboarding processes are time-consuming and expensive, while also being vulnerable to identity theft. Virtual onboarding, while faster, introduces new security challenges like AI and Deep Fake attacks that can bypass traditional verification methods.

IdRamp’s Instant Onboarding service streamlines the onboarding process for both customers and employees. Our reusable ID verification system ensures unmatched speed, security, and accuracy, protecting your business from fraud and ensuring a smooth start for everyone.

Know Your Customers (KYC), Know Your Employees(KYE), Prevent fraud before it happens.

Simple and Secure

Entra account recovery with CLEAR

Step 1. Invite customer/employee to complete KYC/KYE

Step 2. Verify with government ID and biometrics

Step 3. Automatically create verified user account


Stop Fraud and Deep-fake AI: ID verification confirms that the individual is who they claim to be, reducing the risk of identity theft, account takeover, deep-fake AI impersonation and synthetic IDs.

Improve User Experience: By verifying identities upfront, you will accelerate the onboarding process and reduce friction for legitimate customers or employees. This eliminates customer drop off, and new hire overhead.

Save Time and Money: Eliminate slow manual verification processes that are time-consuming, labor-intensive and expensive to maintain.

Privacy & Compliance: Ensure regulatory adherence to KYC, AML, and data protection laws. Demonstrate a commitment to security, trust, and safety.



Robust: Supports verification with over 200 legal documents types globally including Driver’s licenses,State IDs, and Passports. Compliance with IAL2 and AAL2 standards.

Automated: Verified user data is automatically published to your business applications. Fraud detection against new attack methods are continuously added to the verification algorithms with no disruption to the user experience.

Flexible: Combine multiple verification methods and providers to satisfy any use case. Easily integrate within existing onboarding processes and applications.

Reusable: Verified ID credentials can be reused across multiple platforms or services within the same organization or ecosystem. This allows for a smoother user experience and stronger protection over your systems.

Instant Onboarding is powered by vast network of over 22mm+ previously verified users. Contact IdRamp to elevate your virtual onboarding experience today.

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