Turing trustworthy digital identity

Join us at the Turing Trustworthy Digital Identity Conference on September 13th!

Join Mike Vesey, CEO IdRamp; Heather C Dahl, CEO Indicio; and Chase Cunningham, CSO, Ericom, for a discussion on Zero Trust in decentralized Identity at the Turing Trustworthy Digital Identity Conference on September 13th!

This conference brings together prominent academics and key players in the field of digital identity from government and industry sectors to focus on opportunities in the assessment and development of trustworthy digital identity systems. Outlined themes and key questions cover the driving influences, alongside the characteristics that can attest to whether these systems are deserving of trust. They also seek to reflect the social impact, cultural, societal and behavioral conventions that have a role to play in anticipating vulnerabilities for the people these systems are being set up to serve.

Advances in digital technologies are redefining opportunities around the world to develop new economic value, to govern and serve within more accessible societies, and to empower individuals. Digital innovations in identity bring new opportunities to create transparency, fairness, and better-governed services. They also create the potential to distribute and interpret significant amounts of information about people and their communities.

Our session is titled “Decentralized identity, verifiable credentials, and zero trust represent a new paradigm for trust and verification online—lessons from business.” Please find the agenda, schedule, and registration information on the Turing Trustworthy Digital Identity Conference site




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