Video – Learn how to issue Verifiable Digital Credentials

Learn how to issue verifiable digital credentials from your identity management service or any data source. This process can be scaled to issue bulk credentials for millions of users with ease. This capability can be used with leading identity providers like Okta, Forgerock, MS Azure, or other enterprise data sources like Salesforce, CRM, and HR systems. There is no limit on the type of source that can be used for issuing digital credentials to your users. The IdRamp service provides Trust Over IP (TOIP) complaint issuance and verification of decentralized digital credentials at scale. With IdRamp you can easily deploy digital credentials to any enterprise identity management stack. As a leading decentralized credential management platform IdRamp provides a full range of service delivery capabilities to help transform your business. The IdRamp system is built on the open source Hyperledger Aries Framework.  No developers or special coding required.

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