Decentralized Identity



A quantum leap beyond traditional identity silos that centralize and reproduce data across many disconnected directories.  IdRamp Passport provides programmatic verification and immutable provenance of all user data.

User Experience

Streamline the trust experience by giving users full control and transparency over how data is shared. Improve user retention with password free login. Simplify the experience with user centric Single Sign On (SSO) for self sovereign federation.


No blockchain or ledger experience required to deploy and operate. Unified credential administration across all connections. Vendor agnostic interoperability with IDPs, MFA, Proofing and IGA service providers.  Flexible API framework for new use cases.

Blockchain self sovereign decentralized identity enables people, organizations or IoT devices to prove things about themselves to anyone or anything. When anyone or anything is able to trust who, or what it is dealing with online, massive amounts of friction can be removed, user experience can improve, and the transaction processes can be simplified.

IdRamp self sovereign decentralized identity management is ready for enterprise adoption today. It provides interoperability with legacy identity investments. Adoption is simple with no lift and shift change management required. It provides an effective method to design new business models. Businesses can remove the need for insecure centralized data silos while reducing capacity and cost of existing infrastructure. IdRamp self sovereign decentralized identity is powered by the multiple ledger networks built to bring trust, personal control, and ease-of-use to your identity strategy.


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