Oracle + IdRamp at the Hyperledger Global Forum

Thursday, June 10 • 10:10 – 10:40 EST

The third Hyperledger Global Forum (HGF) is June 8-10. While this year HGF will be virtual, the global community of Hyperledger members and users are coming out en masse once again to learn more about the advancement of cross-industry blockchain technologies from the leaders at the center of the blockchain ecosystem who are building real technologies and production systems.

IdRamp CEO, Mike Vesey will be presenting at HGF with Mark Rakhmilevich, Senior Director, Blockchain Product Management at Oracle. In their session, titled “Identity Proofing Solution Combining HL Indy and Fabric”, Mike and Mark will discuss the risk of fraud and data leaks that many governments are working to combat as they provide online services to citizens and residents. In their demonstration, they will show how governments can use verifiable credentials with identity proofing to grant passwordless universal access across shared services. The solution eliminates redundant KYC and registration procedures that frustrate users while increasing privacy and fraud protection across the ecosystem.

The Hyperledger community has a long-standing vision for sharing infrastructure to solve real problems. IdRamp delivers tools and services  to enterprise identity with a passwordless zero trust approach. The IdRamp platform transforms how business is done. Bridging legacy corporate Identity and Access Management technology with flexible and easy to use distributed ledger technology, companies and governments can change the way they interact with their customers and employees.