Pandemic Innovation – Verifiable Credentials for COVID-19 Testing

The advent of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has transformed the world. Businesses have been paralyzed, cities have been locked down and many lives have been lost. Global pandemics have a devastating impact on society but also drive transformational innovations that make the world stronger.

As the rate of COVID-19 infections slow, we enter a new recovery phase of the pandemic that poses a number of critical questions. How can we quickly restart society to prevent further economic disaster? How can we safely resume social interaction without fear of infection? How can we restore trust and move past this tragedy? Health experts say testing must increase prior to opening the economy but how long will that take?

From a technology perspective, it is painfully apparent that existing test procedures need to be digitally transformed. To help reboot society, governments and citizens need verifiable test information that can be quickly deployed at scale. Business and customers need a reliable method to prove that public spaces can be trusted. People need a portable way to demonstrate immunity and infection test results. This paper outlines an approach to adopt the latest innovations in verifiable digital credentials for these objectives.

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