Single Sign On (SSO)

One point of entry for all applications

Employees, customers and partners want one simple secure way to access mobile, cloud and enterprise applications. Multiple passwords, and sign-in options will frustrate users, reduce productivity, and dilute security. IdRamp Single Sign-On (SSO) provides users with a single, secure point of entry to thousands of applications with one simple click from any device.

Federation Across Internal and Cloud Applications

IdRamp’s secure identity solution allows companies to federate user credentials across all cloud and on premise applications. With federated identity users can access all authorized applications with one easy to use unified login experience.

Agile and Adaptable Single Sign-On (SSO)

IdRamp allows organizations to adapt a range of leading standards based authentication options like SAML, OpenID Connect, OAuth, Open API. This provides maximum agility for integrating new applications and use cases.

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