The Sovrin Foundation names IdRamp as a distributed ledger Steward

The Sovrin Foundation Board of Trustees has unanimously approved IdRamp to be a Steward of the Sovrin Network distributed ledger. IdRamp will operate and maintain a validator node, tasked with ensuring the availability and integrity of the world’s first decentralized ledger built for self-sovereign identity. IdRamp will collaborate with other Sovrin Stewards to innovate and operate the Foundation’s decentralized digital identity network. The Network uses blockchain technology to enable the secure exchange of cryptographically signed credentials that provide permanent, private and trustworthy identity.

Traditional centralized identity systems are obsolete. Large scale data breaches continue to flourish. The rate of data exposure is increasing rapidly. The growing number of data breaches demonstrates the need for a secure global decentralized identity network. The Sovrin Network is designed to add a secure identity layer that provides a complete approach to identity management. The Sovrin Network makes secure and private self-sovereign digital identity possible for the first time in history.

About IdRamp

IdRamp is a decentralized identity platform to simplify integration, improve security and continuously innovate your business. With IdRamp you can easily add distributed ledger self-sovereign identity to any business strategy. IdRamp reduces data liability and the cost of existing identity systems. Through distributed authentication, IdRamp secures the identity threat surface by eliminating the need for public network-facing identity and access management systems. Intelligent credential management allows IdRamp to reduce user friction by removing the need for passwords. IdRamp provides adaptable digital bridges that interoperate across all generations of identity management. The IdRamp team offers more than 20 years of experience in identity strategy, development, integration and operation for global enterprises and medium to small businesses.

About the Sovrin Foundation

The Sovrin Foundation is a nonprofit organization established to administer the Governance Framework governing the Sovrin Network, a decentralized global public network enabling self-sovereign identity on the internet. The Sovrin Network is an open-source project operated by independent Stewards and uses the power of a distributed ledger to give every person, organization, and thing, the ability to own and control their own permanent digital identity.


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