User Provisioning

Automated User Management

Manually creating and updating user accounts for each application is slow and expensive. With IdRamp, organizations can automate  user administration to reduce operational workload. IdRamp can automatically provision users from any primary directory into any type of application.  This provides faster deployment of new applications and users, increasing organizational agility.

Dynamic Group Provisioning

IdRamp simplifies management of a large number of users with groups that can be aligned with functional roles. Groups can be categorized according to any organization structure such as department, country, language, client, security level, or project. This provides rapid provisioning of authorized applications to users based on business need. It also allows organizations to limit access across sensitive applications based on roles.

Rapid Deprovisioning

IdRamp reduces security risk with automatic de-provisioning of employees that leave the organization. With rapid de-provisioning, organizations can protect against departing employees and partners retaining unauthorized access to sensitive data and applications.

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